AquaCell Technologies to Acquire SolCool Air Conditioner company

In a press release issued today, AquaCell Technologies, Inc announced that they have entered into an agreement to acquire GPM, Inc, the manufacturer and patent owner of the SolCool, the world’s only stand-alone solar powered air conditioner.

‘Roger Pruitt, inventor of the SolCool air conditioner and President of GPM said, “The move from prototype model to an affordable assembly-line product has been a huge step for us in our development. Our goal of producing the world’s first commercially available solar powered air-conditioner has been realized through our R&D efforts over the last several years. These efforts are generating interest from numerous market segments that have been seeking ‘green’ solutions to reduce energy dependence, pollution and global warming that we could never have imagined. The pace at which the market for our product has grown over even the past few weeks has far outstripped the capacity of our privately held company to effectively meet this demand.” Mr. Pruitt continued, “We are extremely happy to have our vision now included in the strategy of AquaCell and its management team.”‘

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