Cyclone Power’s new engine cuts emissions

I posted an article about Cyclone Power Technologies award winning Cyclone Engine a couple of months ago. Now comes word that the propane powered Cyclone Engine produces significantly lower emissions than a standard gas-powered lawn mower engine. Cyclone Power is targeting their engines for the small engine market. Compared to a standard gasoline powered lawn mower, the Cyclone Engine produced: 21% lower Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions, 63% lower Carbon Monoxide (CO) emissions, and 99% lower Nitrogen Oxide (NOX) emissions.

The results show that the Cyclone Engine will have no problem meeting the new EPA regulations calling for a 35% reduction in greenhouse gases from new lawn and garden equipment beginning in 2011. Cyclone Power says that their new engine will not cost anymore than current engines. According to Cyclone CEO Harry Schoell, “Our engine requires no catalytic converter, and is generally much simpler to manufacture than a comparable internal combustion engine.”

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