DailyFinance.com – Five technologies that could help save the planet

Nothing really new in this Daily Finance article, which was published on Earth Day 2010, but it’s a nice overall assessment of the 5 primary technologies in alternative energy (solar, wind, nuclear, grid storage, and energy efficient buildings). Included is a listing of a number of companies that have either raised a significant amount of venture capital or may soon be going public.

There are some interesting statements made about the financial perspective for alternative energy.  For example, most predictions call for solar energy to only make up between 1.5% to 3% of total energy output by 2020, which will reduce carbon emissions from electricity by only 0.3% to 0.6%.  While most analysts are sticking with an overall small percentage of solar generation over the next 10 years, most agree that solar power has plenty of long term potential. Says Robert wilder, CEO of WilderShares, “In 50 to 100 years, I’d say, hands down, solar’s the Big Kahuna.”  Much is made of the “extraordinary” way that the cost of solar is coming down, leading to an expectation that within 10 years, solar will be a cheaper way of producing power than using conventional fuel.  The cost of wind power, on the other hand, which currently is the lowest of all the renewable energy technologies today, hasn’t moved much lower in the last five years, mainly due to high steel prices.

via: Daily Finance

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