Electricity producing speed bumps tested at NJ Burger King

Motion Power Energy Harvester from New Energy Technologies
Motion Power Energy Harvester from New Energy Technologies
If you go through the drive thru lane at the Burger King in Hillside, New Jersey, you’ll be producing electricity when you do it.    New Energy Technologies is currently testing at the Burger King a prototype “Motion Power Energy Harvester” that’s designed to capture kinetic energy from cars that are slowing down when pulling up to the drive in window.

The current prototype generated 2000 watts of electricity whenever a car rolls over it – the weight of the car pushed down pedals that turn gears inside – that’s what generates the electricity.    Jerry Lynch, an engineer with New Energy Technologies explains that the final version will have more pedals and will generate more wattage – “If this is multiplied by ten times the length and we have 100,000 or 150,000 cars a year the device will pay back in less than two years.”

While New Energy Technologies isn’t saying that the Burger King device will ever generate enough power to run the restaurant, the company feels that their Motion Power Energy Harvester could be used effectively at shopping centers, intersections, rest stops, border crossings and toll plazas.

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