From – OPEC Arabs laugh their heads off at Hugo Chavez

Very interesting article and comments on the latest antics of Hugo Chavez. The Mideast opec members understand that $70 a barrel oil may indeed be a prelude to $18 a barrel oil, as oil importing countries wise up and start reducing demand through many different ways (many of which are reported in this blog Chavez, on the other hand, wants to keep prices high by cutting production, while at the same time making political hay by providing “low-cost” heating oil to the poor in the US and Europe.

Coincidently, there was a recent front page article on our local newspaper (The Philadelphia Inquirer) about Chavez’s donation of heating oil to several local families. The article, which did provide the obligatory Chavez is no longer a US ally statement, basically fawned over him as being a humanitarian. He invited several families down to Venezuela, and they all came back and said that everybody they talked to down there said that Chavez was a wonderful leader. Gee, do you think that maybe the trips were a little bit orchestrated?

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