From American Pundit – I want a Real Energy Policy

May 02, 2006
I Want A Real Energy Policy – American Pundit

“I cannot believe Senate Republicans want to hand us all a $100 dollar check to cover high gas prices. Are these people retarded? Buying Americans a couple tanks of gas is not an energy policy.

Bolivia just nationalized it’s natural gas fields, Nigerian rebels are targeting oil facilities, Venezuela is not friendly to the US, oil production in Iraq will take at least two years to get back to pre-war levels — if the fighting stops today, we’re going to slap sanctions on Iran (or worse), Russia is playing hardball with their energy resources, China is scrambling to secure exclusive energy deals all over the globe, Saudi Arabia can’t pump oil any faster than it’s doing now… And everybody knows that oil is a finite resource which will become very scarce within the next 30 years.”

Remainder of article here

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