General Electric’s Ecomagination

From Barron’s Online via SmartMoney comes an article written by the Chairman and CEO of General Electric. Here’s what Jeff Immelt calls Ecomagination – “Ecomagination was designed to develop new technologies to meet customers’ needs in an increasingly energy- and carbon-constrained world. It came from our belief that we can support our customers and make money doing it. We said green can be green, and we are proving it.”

From 1300 new wind turbines installed last year (to the tune of $2 billion in revenues), to a complete sellout and a backlog for the Evolution, the most fuel efficient locomotive in history, it seems like GE may be an example of a company that puts its money where its mouth is, and ends up making even more money by doing it. That’s fine with me!

“Also on our drawing boards: A 200-ton, “Prius-on-rails” hybrid locomotive; a further evolution of the GEnx jet engine that will deliver a 15% improvement in specific fuel consumption with half the emissions; better wastewater recycling technologies; and a hydrogen infrastructure that could one day provide a blueprint for a carbon-free transportation network.”

Lots of stuff going on at one of the worlds largest companies.

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