JC Penney adding solar and wind projects to its stores

Retailer JC Penney announced this week that they would be adding solar and wind power projects to 10 of their stores and one of their distribution centers. They also announced plans to obtain Energy Star certification for at least 200 of their stores.

The company has asked SunPower Corporation to install solar power systems on 10 JC Penney stores in California and New Jersey. The solar panels will generate more than 4 megawatts of power.  The systems will be financed, owned and operated by a third party, and JC Penney will buy the power from them under a SunPower Access power purchase agreement.  They expect the systems to be installed by November of this year.

JC Penney will also be operating a pilot program with Broadstar Wind Systems in which Broadstar’s building mounted AeroCam wind turbines (see picture) will be installed at JC Penney’s 1.6 million square foot distribution center in Reno, NV.  When installation is completed (also in November), JC Penney will buy the generated electricity from Broadstar.

aerocam1.jpgJC Penney, wind power, wind turbine, SunPower, Broadstar

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