Lots going on Down Under

Australia has a bunch of alternative energy projects underway, along with what sounds like a change in attitude on the part of the Australian Government. Prime Minister John Howard is now saying, “”I accept the scientific evidence, which is that global warming is taking place, that it is caused by carbon emissions, that restraining the increase in carbon emissions will counteract that process of global warming and that we should play our part.”

So what are the Aussies up to? Plans are underway to build the world’s largest solar photovoltaic power station – a 154 megawatt solar plant near Mildura designed to produce power for 45,000 homes, along with the largest wind power farm in the Southern Hemisphere – a 329 megawatt wind power plant in Victoria that will produce enough electricity for almost 190,000 homes. In addition, the Australian gov’t will also put 50 million dollars into a 360 million dollar pilot project to reduce, capture and store carbon dioxide emissions from a coal-fired power station in Victoria.

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