Massachusetts homeowners can now sell electricity back to the power company

Massachusetts’ new net metering law goes into effect tomorrow (December 1st), and that is good news for alternative energy producing homeowners and businesses. Net metering means that you can sell any excess electricity that you produce back to the electric company – in effect, the meter runs both ways. And the new Massachusetts Green Communities Act of 2008 offers some benefits not available in the other states that also have net metering laws, such as the requirement that utility companies pay for the excess electricity produced by their customers at the retail rate rather than the lower wholesale rate. Customers taking advantage of net metering can also allocate their credits to other customers – basically allowing you to generate electricity for a relative or friend. The new law also lets cities and towns get into the act – as a result, several municipalities are moving ahead with solar and wind power projects.

So if you have solar panels or a wind turbine, and you live in Massachusetts, you can submit your application to take advantage of net metering beginning tomorrow.  And if you don’t live in Massachusetts and want to check out the net metering laws where you live, the US Department of Energy offers a guide to Net Metering Programs by State.

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