New Alternative Energy Ideas in Florida

Florida has $15 million in grant money available for alternative and renewable energy projects – this money was made available as part of its 2006 Energy Act passed last spring. When lawmakers passed the Act, they expected to get about 75 proposals, but so far, 180 proposals are waiting to be reviewed and ranked by the state’s Department of Environmental Protection Energy Office.

“From lowly french fry grease and cow manure to exotic  bio-sensitized solar cells  and the mighty Gulf Stream, entrepreneurs hustling for state money to develop alternative energy have flooded Tallahassee with novel ideas.”

A couple of the proposals listed in the article include Solar Engineering Co. of Cocoa Beach, with a request for $998,311 to study the feasibility of sinking turbines about 10 miles off South Florida, and using the 4-knot to 5-knot flow of the famous ocean current to turn a generator, and PurpleSolar Inc’s request for $980,000 to develop a new generation of solar cells that uses light harvesting proteins.

Also, Florida lawmakers are considering doubling the size of the grant program when the reconvene next month.

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