Report: Renewable Energy could deliver 50% of the world’s energy needs by 2050

A report just out by the European Renewable Energy Council and Greenpeace International provides a global energy strategy that would cut CO2 emissions by almost 50% over the next 43 years. This strategy outlines ways to achieve renewable energy supplies delivering 70% of the global electricity supply and 65% of the global heat supply. describes the basics of the report, which calls for the following political measures:

-Phase out all subsidies for fossil fuels and nuclear and internalise external costs;
-establish worldwide legally binding targets for renewables;
-provide stable returns for investors;
-guarantee priority access to the grid for renewable power generators, and;
-apply strict efficiency standards for all energy-consuming appliances, buildings and vehicles.

Euractiv also goes on to state that the International Energy Agency isn’t quite as optimistic as the EREC and Greenpeace. The IEC is predicting a 32% share of renewables in electricity production by 2030.

You can download the EREC/Greenpeace report as a pdf here.

The International Energy Agency’s report, also available as a pdf, is here.

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