Sierra Nevada brewery a fuel cell pioneer

It takes alot of energy to make beer.  So when Sierra Nevada’s founder and owner Ken Grossman decided he wanted to cut his energy bill, he installed a large solar panel arrary over the parking lot, and now he’s building an even bigger system on top of his brewery buildings.

But he isn’t stopping there.

Sierra Nevada is now generating methane as a result of recycling of its waste water. ‘We are producing methane as a byproduct of digesting the waste water,’Grossman says.’We use an anaerobic digester which operates in the absence of oxygen and as a byproduct we make methane.’ The methane is then being used in Sierra Nevada’s new fuel cells to generate even more electricity.

We’ll have one of the largest systems in the country,” he says. “When we are done, we will have almost one-and-a-half megawatts of solar produced power combined with our one megawatt of fuel cell power.”

“Now add up all of this energy and the savings and Sierra Nevada is very close now to being energy independent,” Grossman adds.

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