Walmart and Green Power

There’s been a bunch of articles recently about a committment that Walmart has made to, among other things, reduce energy usage at its stores by 30% and increase the efficiency of its fleet of trucks by 25% within 3 years. And Walmart has already made a number of changes to back up its pledge. While there’s still a lot of Walmart critics out there, and the company still has a lot to answer for, corporate pledges like this are a very good thing. Especially since Walmart is one company that pushes its huge supplier base to adopt money saving ideas. The new Walmart philosophy is simple – they can “improve its image, motivate employees, and save money by going green.”

Here’s a couple of links to the stories that I’ve seen – From Fortune comes “The Green Machine”, and from Grist Magazine comes The Writing on the Wal-Mart
Al Gore takes his green message to Wal-Mart headquarters

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