Walmart pushing green concepts

We’ve linked to a couple of articles in the past about how Walmart has been at the forefront of trying out alternative energy ideas for its stores. Walmart is one of the largest, if not the largest, commercial users of electricity in the world, and they have realized that any savings they can make there go directly to the bottom line, in addition to helping out the public perception of the company. Walmart’s latest environmentally sensitive stores are drawing raves even from critics of the company.

This article from the Arkansas Democratic Gazette describes the goings on at one of Walmart’s demonstration Supercenters right outside of Denver. While not everything is working perfectly (the wind turbines shorted out), it looks like Walmart is starting to generate some savings from its power generation and conservation measures.

‘”We’re encouraged by Wal-Mart’s new environmental initiatives because they could, if implemented, change the way American businesses approach environmental sustainability,” said Nu Wexler, of the unionbacked Wal-Mart Watch.”

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