Business Opportunities in Biofuel and Alternative Energy

There were several articles in the Investors Business Daily today describing companies working in the biofuel area, including big companies likeArcher Daniels Midland, Royal Dutch Shell, Siemens, and Dupont, along with a small company named DynaMotive Energy Systems that uses a fast pyrolysis technology to change organic waste into a fuel oil they call BioOil.

The article on the bigger companies, entitled Crops, Leaves, Wood Scrapes = Fuel describes their current plans to make ethanol (and in Dupont’s case, biobutanol), while the Dynamotive Energy Systems article goes into detail about the thermal cracking process called pyrolysis that DynaMotive Energy Systems uses to create BioOil and the progress the company has had in gaining customers for tests. For example, Alcoa Canada recently successfully completed a test where they used BioOil in place of regular oil to heat a furnace at one of their smelting plants. Alcoa is now looking to use BioOil in all of its other plants in Canada.

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