Ethanol, schmethanol

I saw a small blurb in Computer Power User about Amyris Biotechnologies, a firm that “uses genetics to transform a sugary liquid mixture into a petroleum-like mix that, right out of the box, could be run through existing pipelines, gas stations and automotive engines with no retro-fitting necessary.” Intrigued, I did a little searching on Google and came up with an article from The, which details 3 different biotechnology firms (Codexis, Amyris Biotechnology, and LS9) that are developing interesting ways to create new types of biofuel. Codexis is focusing on enzymes to create biopetrol, Amyris Biotechnologies uses a technique called synthetic biology, which turns living organisms into chemical reactors, and LS9, Inc. is concentrating on turning microbes into factories for fatty acids, which is the main raw material for the biodiesel already sold today.

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