Sapphire Energy’s Algaeus begins 10 day cross country tour

What is an Algaeus’?  It’s the world’s first plug-in hybrid to cross the country powered by fuel containing a blend of algae-based renewable gasoline, according to Sapphire Energy.  Sapphire Energy is a developer of algae biofuel, dubbed ‘green crude’.   One of the things that significant about Sapphire’s biofuel, is that it’s a drop-in biofuel – in other words, it works with current automotive engines and technology – no need for engine or fuel system modifications.

The 10 day tour started on September 8th in San Francisco and will end in New York on Sept 18th.  The Algaeus is based on a 2008 Toyota Prius that has been given an extra battery pack, a plug-in charger, and a new energy management system.   The engine itself has not been modified to handle the biofuel.

Sapphire Energy's Algaeus
Sapphire Energy's Algaeus

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