US F-22 Raptor stealth fighter flies on biofuel

The U.S. Air Force announced this week that they have successfully conducted test flights of the F-22 Raptor using a 50/50 mix of biofuel and JP-8 jet fuel.   The biofuel used is derived from camelina, which is a weed like plant that’s not used for food, and is referred to as HRJ, or hydrotreated renewable jet fuels.

Just last month, the USAF certified the entire C-17 Globemaster III fleet for unrestricted flight ops using the HRJ biofuel blend.  This new test flight continues to advance the Air Force’s alternative fuels program.    The testing consisted of air starts, operability, and performance at different speeds and altitudes, including supersonic maneuvers.  “The F-22 flew on Friday, March 18 and performed flawlessly on the biofuel blend citing no noticeable differences from traditional JP-8,” said Jeff Braun, director of the Alternative Fuels Certification Division, part of the Aeronautical Systems Center at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.

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