Will thermoelectric Power Felt soon be providing you power?

  Based on an idea from his ten year old daughter, nanotechnologist David Carroll of Wake Forest University has developed a flexible thermoelectric fabric he calls Power Felt that generates electricity from both heat and movement.     There’s been other thermoelectric products made before, but they’ve usually been made … Continue reading

UCLA lab’s accidental discovery could lead to dramatically reduced charge times for electric cars

Researchers at UCLA, while trying to figure out a way to mass produce graphene, an extremely thin pure form of carbon, have created a supercapacitor that can be charged quickly and can hold much more electricity than standard batteries.  And the same research team now feels that they’ve found a … Continue reading

Over 25% of electricity in Germany now comes from renewable sources

Germany continues to lead the way in renewable energy use – statistics for the first half of 2012 show that 25.97% of Germany’s electricity supply came from renewable energy sources.   This year’s number represents a large increase over Germany’s 2011 results, which was 20.56%.    The percentage increase is … Continue reading

Frito-Lay plant goes near net zero in energy use

Frito Lay solar concentrators Frito-Lay, the company that brings you Cheetos, Doritos, and lots of other tasty snacks, has made substantial changes to its manufacturing plant in Casa Grande, Arizona to create what it can arguably state is the “greenest” manufacturing plant in the U.S.  The plant, which is the … Continue reading

Natural Gas to Liquids Plant coming to the U.S.

South African based energy and chemicals company Sasol announced last week that they are considering the feasibility of building a natural gas to liquid (GTL) plant in southwestern Louisiana.  If built, it would be the first GTL plant in the western hemisphere.  What a GTL plant gets you is the … Continue reading

Philadelphia Eagles – Green is more than a uniform color

Artist’s rendering of the Eagles’ Lincoln Financial Field with wind turbines The Philadelphia Eagles, in addition to trying to win a playoff game today against Green Bay, are also shooting to become the first major U.S. sports team to play in a stadium that is totally self-sufficient on renewable energy. … Continue reading

Swedish city eliminates its dependence on fossil fuels

The New York Times recently profiled the Swedish city of Kristianstad – a small city that made a pledge over a decade ago to wean itself from fossil fuels.  Unlike many other cities and countries that have made that pledge, Kristianstad has actually made good on its promise  to commit … Continue reading

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