Frito-Lay plant goes near net zero in energy use

Frito Lay solar concentrators Frito-Lay, the company that brings you Cheetos, Doritos, and lots of other tasty snacks, has made substantial changes to its manufacturing plant in Casa Grande, Arizona to create what it can arguably state is the “greenest” manufacturing plant in the U.S.  The plant, which is the … Continue reading

New hybrid light bulb from GE combines instant on with power savings

GE hybrid light bulb One of the reasons why I haven’t replaced all my incandescent light bulbs with CFLs is because sometimes CFL’s just take too long to come up to full brightness.     Now General Electric has come up with a way to fix that.    GE has … Continue reading

Prisons go green, using alternative energy and recycling to save energy and money

The Associated Press has an interesting article describing the ways that prisons are using alternative energy and recycling to save money and energy. For example, at the Cedar Creek Corrections Center in Washington State, convicted murderer Robert Knowles has helped grow 8,000 pounds of organic vegetables this year.  In Indiana, … Continue reading

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