US Dept of Energy invests $979m in carbon capture projects

The US Department of Energy will be providing almost $1B ($979m) towards three large scale carbon sequestration projects.  The total cost of the projects is expected to be $3B – the remainder of the money will come from industry.     Currently, there aren’t any large scale projects in the … Continue reading

Using hybrid American Chestnut trees to capture carbon

Professor Jacobs stands next to an American Chestnut tree Most of the emphasis on stopping global warming has been on reducing the amount of carbon and GWG’s emitted into the atmosphere, but the other side of the coin is worth exploring too.  There are a number of carbon sequestration projects … Continue reading

Australia launches project to bury carbon dioxide reports that Australia has opened a new plant in southern Victoria state that pumps carbon dioxide deep underground to stop it from getting into the atmosphere, a technique known as geosequestration. This one R&D project is expected to handle 110,231 tons of CO2, which will be captured from industry … Continue reading

Science News: Carbon capture strategy could lead to emission-free cars

Georgia Institute of Technology researchers have come up with a strategy to capture, store and recycle carbon from vehicles to stop CO2 from entering the atmosphere. Realization of this strategy could lead to a zero emission car, and a transportation system completely free of fossil fuels.

Upcoming distributed computing project – The Clean Energy Project

Don’t know what Distributed Computing is? It’s when a very large computational problem is broken down into very small parts and farmed out to thousands of personal computers. Each PC works on their separate part of the problem and then sends the answers back to the program where the individual … Continue reading

Using sunlight to make fuel from CO2

From – Researchers at the Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico are using sunlight to recycle CO2 and produce fuels like methanol or gasoline. Researchers say that the technology used in the Sunlight to Petrol (S2P) project already works and can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Unfortunately, the researchers … Continue reading

Investment in clean energy topped $100 billion for the first time in 2007

According to the International Herald Tribune Business section, new investment in clean energy industries rose sharply in 2007. Investments in industries such as wind and solar power rose from approximately $86.5 billion in 2006 to $117.2 billion in 2007. According to Michael Liebreich, chief executive of New Energy Finance, a … Continue reading

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