UCLA lab’s accidental discovery could lead to dramatically reduced charge times for electric cars

Researchers at UCLA, while trying to figure out a way to mass produce graphene, an extremely thin pure form of carbon, have created a supercapacitor that can be charged quickly and can hold much more electricity than standard batteries.  And the same research team now feels that they’ve found a … Continue reading

Turn your car into a plug-in hybrid

Students at the University of Middle Tennessee have been working towards developing a hybrid kit that enables you to change your car into a hybrid.   It’s taken them five years of research, but they’re now talking with potential investors to put their hybrid kit into production.  The cost?  They’re … Continue reading

Chrysler testing plug-in hybrid minivans

Chrysler Town & Country PHEV Chrysler has been moving ahead with plans to release a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) version of its popular Town & Country minivan.  They now have 25 Town & Country minivans driving around the roads of Arizona, North Carolina, and Michigan as part of the data-collection phase … Continue reading

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