Multi-Use Titanium Dioxide nanofibers can generate hydrogen, produce clean water, and more

Professor Darren Sun at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University has developed what he calls Multi-Use Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), by turning titanium dioxide crystals into nanofibers.  These nanofibers can easily be made into flexible filter membranes by combining them with carbon, copper, zinc, or tin, depending on the application.

Nissan aiming to release a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle by 2015

Nissan is currently working on a next generation hydrogen powered car with plans to release it around 2015.   While Nissan and other companies have shown off hydrogen powered concept cars before, Nissan’s new announcement is coupled with the release of its next generation hydrogen fuel cell stack, claiming that … Continue reading

Blacklight Power planning demo of its hydrino tech in 2011

Blacklight Power, the company that has been claiming that it can generate power from water using low energy hydrogen atoms they call hydrinos (which is a form of hydrogen that many quantum physicists say is an impossibility), now say that they will be conducting a public demonstration of its technology … Continue reading

Blacklight Power moving ahead – gets its research validated

Blacklight Power, who I highlighted a couple of weeks ago, announced this week that they’ve gotten third party verification of their technique for generating energy from water.    Researchers at Rowan University developed and ran a series of tests to “…establish whether or not BlackLight had discovered a new low-energy … Continue reading

BlackLight Power claims energy from water, and signs sixth utility deal to provide power

This is interesting – BlackLight Power is a company that is claiming to be able to  lower the energy level of hydrogen atoms below ground state, which they say will enable them to produce power for about 1 cent per kilowatt hour, using mostly water.   The fact that many … Continue reading

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