Aquamarine Power shows off its next gen wave power device – the Oyster 2

I previously posted an article about Aquamarine Power’s wave power device, the Oyster, which went live off the coast of Scotland, in November 2009.  The Oyster is a wave power device that uses the movement of ocean waves to pump water through a pipeline to onshore generators, where the water … Continue reading

The “Oyster” – Scottish wave energy device goes live

On November 20th, Scotland’s first minister, Alex Salmond, flipped the switch and turned on what is being called the world’s largest working hydro-electric wave energy device. Named the Oyster, the device, which was built by Aquamarine Power, is located off the coast of Scotland at the European Marine Energy Centre’s … Continue reading

Tidal Energy Ltd’s new DeltaStream turbine uses ship propeller concept to power tidal energy

A Welsh company, Tidal Energy Limited, is about to begin testing a new 1MW tidal turbine off the coast of Wales.   While studies have shown that tidal energy could provide up to 25% of the UK’s electricity needs, the sea environment has proven to be a tough one for … Continue reading

First commercial hydrokinetic turbine installed in Mississippi River

Hydro Green Energy has installed the first commercial hydrokinetic turbine in the Mississippi River near Hastings, Minnesota.    The hydrokinetic turbine, which essentially is a “wind turbine for the water” was positioned just downstream from a currently operating hydroelectric plant and dam.     When the second planned hydrokinetic turbine … Continue reading

Scottish Power to build tidal energy project

ScottishPower Renewables has announced plans to build 3 tidal energy projects off the coast of Scotland and Northern Ireland. The projects will consist of 20 underwater turbines at each site, which would generate 60 megawatts of tidal power for up to 40,000 homes.

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