Ecofont can save on printer ink

Here’s something a little different – a Dutch company named Sprang has developed a new open source (meaning free, although a donation would be nice) font that they say uses 20% less printer ink.   Their font has a bunch of tiny holes in it – the holes are too small to be seen, and it uses up to 20% less ink (according to Sprang) when printing on an inkjet or laser printer.   I’ve downloaded the font from Sprang, and in my tests it works pretty well.   It’s similar in appearance to the Windows font Arial – maybe slightly larger.

You can also save ink by running your printer in draft mode, which also saves ink.   I find, that at least on my printer, the ecofont prints up a little sharper than draft mode, and if you want to include any graphics at all, the combination of regular mode with the ecofont would make a nice looking document while maybe using a little less ink.   It’s worth a try.

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