New hybrid light bulb from GE combines instant on with power savings

GE hybrid light bulb
GE hybrid light bulb
One of the reasons why I haven’t replaced all my incandescent light bulbs with CFLs is because sometimes CFL’s just take too long to come up to full brightness.     Now General Electric has come up with a way to fix that.    GE has started shipping out what it calls a “hybrid light bulb” – it contains features from both halogen bulbs and CFLs.    When the light is first turned on, the halogen filament is activated, giving full  light instantly.    As the fluorescent part of the bulb reaches full intensity, the halogen filament switches off, with the resultant savings in electricity.     So you get the best of both worlds.  GE is also saying that these new bulbs contain only 1 milligram of mercury, compared to 4 milligrams of mercury for the average CFL bulb.

The new bulbs are supposed to start showing up in stores around April 22nd.    I’m sure hoping that they’ll be available as flood lighting, because those are the CFLs that seem to have the biggest problem with warming up.   If GE makes them in normal floodlight sizes (R40, R30), I’ll definitely be interested.

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