GM’s fuel cell powered Equinox reaches 1 million mile mark

The Equinox, GM’s hydrogen fuel cell car that is currently being tested in Los Angeles, New York, and Washington DC, has reached a milestone for fuel cell powered electric cars.    There’s about 100 cars in the Equinox test program, which has been underway for slightly more than 2 years, and the program recently hit one million miles on its collective odometer.       Nearly 5,000 people have gotten their chance to use the Equinox for a short period of time over the two years.

The Equinox, which uses fuel cells for power instead of a gasoline engine, uses hydrogen for fuel, and emits only water vapor from its tailpipe – zero pollution.   The program certainly has a long way to go before it can be considered remotely viable, since there are currently only about 70 hydrogen filling stations in the entire US.

The Equinox program is expected to continue for about five more months – at that time the cars will be pulled off the road and upgraded with new hydrogen fuel cell technology that GM has been developing over the last couple of years as GM continues its fuel cell program.

GM Equinox
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