Science Daily: New ‘Biofuel Cell’ produces Electricity from Hydrogen in Plain Air

Science Daily has a report on a pioneering “biofuel cell” that produces electricty from regular air spiked with a small amount of hydrogen. This biofuel cell has the potential to turn into inexpensive and renewable atlernative to current platinum based fuel cells.

Dr. Fraser Armstrong, leading a team at Oxford University, built the biofuel cell frm hydrogenases. Hydrogenases are enzymes in naturally occuring bacteria that use hydrogen in their metabolism. The actual cell consists of two electrodes coated with these enzymes places inside a container of regular air with an additional 3% hydrogen. What’s nice here is that the 3% is just below the level at which hydrogen can become an explosion risk.

Prototype versions of the cell have produced enough electricity to power a wristwatch and other electronic devices.

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