A Carbon Neutral Superbowl?

According to a “Greening the Superbowl” article in Forbes, this year marks the third try for the NFL in offsetting greenhouse gas emissions at the superbowl. In this years matchup between the Bears and the Colts, the NFL expects to be carbon neutral. The NFL is buying enough renewable energy certificates from a company called Sterling Planet to offset the expected greenhouse gases generated during the game. In addition, the NFL is paying for the planting of hundreds of tree seedlings, to further offset the amount of carbon generated through electricity use.

Other major sporting events have also had a green push. For example, the last World Cup in Germany was the first carbon neutral soccer contest of its kind. Through conservation, carbon emissions that would have been 114,000 tons of CO2, but instead came in at 92,000 tons. Other carbon offset measures, which included the purchase of carbon credits, amounted to a further reduction of 100,000 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

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