Can Skyonic’s baking soda curb global warming?

C|Net News has an interesting article on Skyonic, Inc, a company that has come up with an industrial process call SkyMine that captures 90 percent of the carbon dioxide coming out of smoke stacks and mixes it with sodium hydroxide to make food grade baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). And the energy required for the chemical reaction comes from the waste heat from the factory.

Skymine from Skyonic

Skyonic has a pilot program in operation at the Big Brown Steam Electric Station run by Luminant (formerly called TXU) in Fairfield Texas. Skyonic hopes next to install sometime in 2009 a ystem that will consume the greenhouse gases output from a large 500 megawatts or so power plant.

While there’s been other carbon sequestration projects proposed, such as pumping carbon dioxide into underground saline aquifers or porous rock formations, the fact remains that the carbon dioxide could always leak out. Handling and storing a solid such as baking soda would be much much easier.

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