150 mpg AFS Trinity Power XH-150 Hybrid SUV begins Earth Day tour

The AFS Trinity, which we reported on back in January, has embarked on a cross country tour which started today in Los Angeles and is expected to end on Earth Day in Washington DC on April 20th. The XH-150 Trinity is a plug-in hybrid modification of the Saturn Vue SUV. The Trinity version can drive up to 40 miles on its 200 horsepower electric motors at highway speeds and more (actually up to 86 mph). The gasoline engine kicks in when needed to extend the range up to 400 miles. The Trinity uses a two part storage system that uses lithium-ion batteries in conjunction with ultracapacitors. According to AFS, the use of ultracapacitors allows the Trinity to get higher acceleration and top speed with a smaller battery set and gasoline engine. via Motor Trend

AFS Trinity XH-150 Plugin hybrid
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