AFS Trinity Plug-in Hybrid – 150 mpg

In tomorrow’s issue of the New York Times, you can find some details and pictures about the AFS Trinity, a prototype plug-in hybrid based on the the Saturn Vue that claims to get up to 150 mpg. The Trinity is due to be unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, which starts tomorrow. If you go to the AFS Trinity web site, all you get is a home page that announces – “On January 13th, the world of hybrids will change forever.” Not much is out there, except for video at CNNMoney

Update – 1/13/08
The AFS Trinity site now has the full press release, lots of pictures, and video. They call the Trinity an “Extreme Hybrid” with the following test results –

  • more than 150 miles per gallon of gasoline based on the EPA Combined Urban/Highway Driving Cycle with 6 days per week of 40 miles per day in all electric mode and one day at 100 miles with assistance of the gas engine. Different driving patterns will produce different results
  • 40 mile all-electric range on a single, overnight charge.
  • Extended range of 400 miles with hybrid operation.
  • Rapid acceleration in all modes of operation, including all electric mode in which no gasoline is burned at all.
  • Highway speeds up to 87 miles per hour in either all electric or hybrid mode
  • Even faster acceleration and higher speeds possible in future production models should the company decide to configure them for such performance.

AFS Trinitydrawing schematic of AFS Trinity

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