Auto Industry shows off fuel efficiency

The Associated Press has a pretty nice summary of what they’ve seen so far at the North American Auto show, which started today. While alot of what gets shown in these shows are concept cars that never will become available, there seems to be a consensus that this year’s auto show may be a little different – shorter on high concept and more focused on real solutions. David Friedmen, research director at the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Clean Vehicle Programs says. “”But I do think that at least early signs are that this auto show may be different from the past and it may actually be giving a real good glimpse for some of the consumers of what might be out on the road in the next few years.”

For example,Ford is showing off its new EcoBoost engine – not a hybrid, but a much cheaper combination of gasoline injection and turbocharging that is supposed to get up to 20% better mpg with 15% less CO2 emissions. The engine is available now and Ford expects to use it in about 500,000 vehicles in North America over the next 5 years.

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