Battery shortages hurting hybrid sales

Although demand is sky high, sales of hybrids were actually down in May due to problems getting enough batteries. Ford, for example, can only get about 25,000 battery packs a year from its supplier, Sanyo Electric Co. Ford is already on track to make that many of its Escape and Mariner hybrids this year – they would like to make more, but can’t because they can’t get any more battery packs. GM has been having problems with its battery supplier, Cobasys. As a result, they haven’t been able to fully launch their hybrid versions of the Saturn Vue and the Chevy Malibu. GM needed to recall about 9,000 battery packs from their 2007 model cars – to replace the bad batteries, they used batteries that were supposed to go in the 2008 models. But GM is expected to be able to ramp up production in the fall. The other car manufacturers are working closely with their battery suppliers to increase availability.

via Autoweek.

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