Bricklin 100 mpg hybrid by 2009?

Dan Bricklin is at it again. The creator of the 1970’s gull wing Bricklin, who also brought the Subura and Yugo brands to the US, now says that he wants to market a new line of 100 mpg plugin hybrids that could be priced 20% – 30% less than regular gasoline vehicles. The car sounds similar to the just announced GM Volt – a plug in hybrid that will have a small gasoline engine not to power the wheels but to recharge the battery. While Bricklin says that he is currently developing a prototype here in the US, his plan is to have the car built in China to take advantage of the lower costs – he says that he’s currently in talks with 15 different Chinese car manufacturers.

He figures 6 months to build a prototype and two years to bring it to production and for sale here. Sounds pretty optimistic to me, but Dan Bricklin has always been one confident fellow.

“Mid-2009; if I’m wrong, it’d be late ’09.” Bricklin says. The first model being planned is a 4 door midsize sedan, with a midsize SUV and a convertible to follow.

Read the USA Today article here

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