Camry: Head-turning hybrid has good performance

Toyota Camry HybridAOL Autos (by way of CNN) has a fairly indepth review of the new Totota Camry hybrid. They liked its looks – “Although not quite a Maserati Quattroporte, the Toyota Camry can do its fair share of head turning.”, its performance – “But as fetching as the Hybrid looks and as safe as it keeps its occupants, how does it scoot down the road? We set out to see and the going was, as they say, good. On a 78 degree day, on three runs, we got 0-60 mph two-way average times of 8.2, 7.9, and 8.0 seconds. Those 0-60 times compare very favorably to several models in its class.” and its MPG – “The EPA estimates 40mpg city/38mpg highway for this new Hybrid. Our experience, including the mini 0-60 mph drag meet, heavy-footed runs along the freeways, shopping mall stop-and-go with lots of air conditioning and general around town cruising, was a bit less with an overall average of 34 mpg. This was generous enough, seemed to us, for a full out, good performing, full sized luxury-type sedan.”

Head on over to CNN for the full article

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