Canada’s National Post test drives the 2008 BMW Hydrogen 7

and drinks from its tailpipe.  Which, David Booth  – the reporter, was happy to announce, tasted just like water, because that’s what hydrogen fueled cars produce.

BMW Hydrogen
David Booth is actually drinking 'exhaust' from the tailpipe of the BMW Hydrogen 7, which emits only water. Cliff Spicer for National Post

But aside from the gimmickry, the National Post reports that the 2008 BMW Hydrogen 7 concept car, which is BMW’s second-generation hydrogen powered 7 Series, far exceeds California’s stringent  Super Low Emission Vehicle regulations, but still can’t quite meet the Zero Emission Vehicle standards that California wants automakers to hit by 2012.   Also, the Post reports that while the car acts and feels pretty much like the gas powered Series 7, there’s still a number of kinks to work out with the hydrogen system.  For example, the car uses liquid hydrogen, which has to be stored at very low temperatures.   In fact, some of the hydrogen boils off when the car sits idle. So much so that if you leave the car sit for about 6 weeks, the hydrogen tank will be empty when you come back.

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