EPA unveils UPS Delivery Truck

The EPA and UPS have partnered to develop a hydraulic hybrid UPS delivery truck. This technology is different than the hybrid technology used in the Prius, and is said to increase the UPS fuel efficiency by 60-70% and cut CO2 emmisions by 40% compared to a normal UPS delivery truck. The EPA expects that the upfront costs for the technology would be recouped within 3 years at today’s current gas prices. One estimate is that the net savings could exceed $50,000 over the vehicles lifespan. Wow!

“The vehicle features a full hydraulic hybrid powertrain and a unique hydraulic hybrid propulsion system integrated with the drive axle. Hydraulic motors and hydraulic tanks are used to store energy, in contrast to electric motors and batteries used in electric hybrid vehicles. Like other hybrid systems, energy saved when applying the brakes is reused to help accelerate the vehicle. Following a road tour of EPA Regional offices, the vehicle will be delivering UPS packages across Michigan this summer. “

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