Ford’s C-Max goes up against Toyota Prius v

2013 Ford C-Max
2013 Ford C-Max

Although its not on sale yet, we’re starting to see reviews of the new Ford C-Max Hybrid.   Ford has designed it’s C-Max to go head to head against the Prius, especially the larger version of the Prius – the Prius v.

The new C-Max, which will only be available in hybrid and plug-in versions, is a small crossover vehicle – with room for five passengers.    It’s bigger than the hatchback Prius, but smaller than the Prius v.     The EPA has just come out with mileage figures for the hybrid version of the C-Max – it gets 47 mpg combined city/highway, according to the recent EPA tests, which is about 5 mpg better than the slightly larger Prius v.     The hybrid powertrain puts out more horsepower too – at 188 horsepower, that’s a full 54 hp more than the Prius.   On electric power alone you can get the car up to 62 mph.

It’s cheaper than the Prius v also – the base model will start at $25,200.   If you’re interested, you should start to see the C-Max hybrid hit Ford showrooms beginning in September.     The plug-in version probably won’t start showing up until December or early 2013.

Here’s a couple of reviews:

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