From When EF Talks – Hybrid Cars (you need to get you one)

Here’s a great piece that I originally saw in TPMCafe. Eric Folkerth in his blog When EF Talks, lays out in detail the 3 reasons why everyone should buy a hybrid.

“So, here it is:
…If you really want to fight the war on terror…
…If you really want to help the environment…
…If you really want to save some serious gas-money…”

What’s great about this is that most articles on hybrids that I’ve seen focus on one or the other. All anti-hybrid articles (or rather, those articles that say that hybrids won’t accomplish anything) focus on just one of three reasons. Eric Folkerth’s piece makes a clear argument for each of these three reasons. Whether or not you believe that hybrids are just an interim solution until we get to hydrogen or something we should all focus in on or just a marketing gimmick, you should read Eric’s article. Here’s the link

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