Google shows hybrid cars that return juice to the grid

Last month, Google held a press event to show off some modified Toyota Prius’ that return power to the electrical grid. The RechargeIT project, is part of the climate change and energy program going on at Google. Google wants their entire company to be carbon neutral by 2008.

The RechargeIt initiative is aimed at bringing plug in hybrids (PHEVs) to market and to develop the infrastructure to that will enable customers to become power suppliers. The concept is simple – the plug in hybrids will recharge at night when electricity rates are lowest. During time of peak demand, the energy stored in hybrid’s batteries can be sold back to the power company. Some studies have shown that owners of the plug-in hybrids could make anywhere between a couple of hundred and couple of thousand dollars a year by selling power back to the power company and “participating in the delivery of other utility services such as frequency control and spinning reserve.”

You can read the full information Week article here.

AustralianIT also has an article on RechargeIT.

plugging in the google prius plug-in

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