Green Motors and Toyota at Tokyo

Time has an article about General Motors and hybrids. “After dismissing them for years as a niche unworthy of attention, GM will release an average of one new hybrid model every three months for the next two years, beginning with the industry’s first full-size hybrid SUVs late this year.” The Time article then goes into a pictoral history of the electric car, starting with the 1903 Columbia Mark LX Electric Runabout, and finishing up with the Telsa Roadster and Chevrolet Volt.

Check it out,28804,1669723_1669725_1669749,00.html.

Meanwhile, Motor Trend has a report (with pictures) on Toyota’s upcoming entries at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. Toyota will have 6 new hybrid concept cars on display, including the 1/X which seats four, weighs 1/3rd of what the Prius gets and gets double the mileage via a plug in 500cc hybrid motor.

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