Hawaii signs on to Better Place Project

I’ve posted a couple of news articles about Shai Agassi’s Better Place Project, which plans to bring electric cars to the masses by coupling electric cars with an intelligent battery recharging network and swappable batteries.     Israel, Denmark, and Australia had already signed agreements with Better Place.   This week, Hawaii became the first US state to sign on – and about two weeks ago, several cities in California joined up with Better Place.

The Better Place plan calls a full network of charging spots – drivers can plug into the network anytime and pay for it through a subscription just like a cell phone – you can pay for unlimited miles, a certain number of miles per month, or a pay as you go plan.    If you can’t wait to charge up, you could go to an automated battery exchange station where you could swap your old batteries for new ones in a matter of minutes.

via Wired Blog

One thought on “Hawaii signs on to Better Place Project

  1. Jeff Wilson talked about this in his recently released book The Manhattan Project of 2009 Energy Independence NOW. I found it fascinating but thought it a bit futuristic. It is exciting to see the very plans he talked about in his book beginning to unfold NOW. Go Hawaii, Go Better Place, show the rest of the world how to do it…and go Jeff Wilson and your new book The Manhattan Project of 2009

    Instead of America spending billions on economic stimulus packages that do zip for our economy they need to be investing in a long term solution like this. Create millions of badly needed green jobs. Spend some of thos billions making America a energy inddpendent nation.

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