Honda coming out with new hybrid lineup beginning next year

Honda Motors is coming out with a new line of hybrid cars beginning next year. One important point Honda is stressing is that the hybrid versions of their cars will be only about $1,900 more than their gas only models, which seems to be a lower price gap than currently exists in models from other manufacturers. Honda plans on going toe to toe with Toyota – they will be releasing a a new hybrid only car designed to compete directly with the Prius – Honda hopes to price the hybrid only car (no name yet) at under $19,300 with a launch date in 2009. A few details of this new hybrid were put out – it will have five doors, will sit five people, and share some design concepts with the Honda FCX Clarity fuel-cell vehicle. The car will use more compact and lightweight components for the hybrid system and have a newly developed vehicle platform that places the control unit and battery underneath the cargo space.

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