Honda unveils several new green technologies at the Tokyo Motor Show

Honda showed off quite a bit of new tech at last week’s Tokyo Motor show, including an all-electric version of the compact Fit, and a series of new hybrid powertrains that Honda is calling EarthDreams.   The new hybrid system will use two electric motors, which will let Honda build their first plug-in hybrid (PHEV) car which they plan on selling beginning in 2012.

Honda had pre-production models of both the all-electric Fit and the new plug-in available for short test drives last week, and several car magazine are reporting on their very favorable first impressions.

Motor Trend – First Drive: 2013 Honda Fit EV 

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Automobile – First Drive: Honda Plug-In Hybrid Mule

Honda upcoming Plug-in hybrid
Honda upcoming Plug-in hybrid
2013 Honda Fit EV
2013 Honda Fit EV

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