Honda’s cool looking hybrid and electric cars to be shown at the Tokyo Motor Show

Honda’s going to be showing two new cool cars at the upcoming Tokyo Motor show, one a hybrid, the other an electric. Honda has been teasing us with various versions of the hybrid sport coupe CR-Z for a couple of years now, and the current version being shown is very close to the production model that’s slated to go on sale in Japan early next year.    The CR-Z hybrid, will have a 1.5-litre four cylinder engine with Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist drivetrain.

The  second car Honda’s showing is much closer to the concept stage than the production stage, but it’s a nice concept – a retro looking electric mini-car codenamed the EV-N modeled after the N600 minicar from the late 60’s.   Not much is known about the EV-N, except for a few cool tidbits – it’ll have swappable seat fabrics, a solar roof, a communications system integrated into the front dash, and a UX-3 super gyroscopic robot unicycle  that fits inside the passenger side door!

honda CR-Z concept
honda CR-Z concept
Honda EV-N
Honda EV-N
UX-3 unicycle
UX-3 unicycle

3 thoughts on “Honda’s cool looking hybrid and electric cars to be shown at the Tokyo Motor Show

  1. I discovered your homepage by coincidence.
    Very interesting posts and well written.
    I will put your site on my blogroll.

  2. Honda has always primed their automobile design to be more futuristic than Toyota’s. Not surprised that this model (their Hybrids) also has a more modern look and feel to it. I really like the Honda CRZ concept’s design, and I think it’ll look even better it’s a convertible — more stylish!

  3. This is all new to me.

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