Hybrid and electric car sales hit records in March 2012

Hybrid and electric sales figures are out for the month of March and they’re record breaking numbers. in March, a record 52,000 hybrid and all-electric cars were sold in the U.S. up from 34,000 in March 2011, and 38,000 in Feb 2012. Sales of hybrids and electrics made up 3.64 percent of total U.S. car sales, which is also a record. The second highest month was July 2009, which was when the Cash for Clunkers program was in full swing and people traded in old gas guzzlers for new, fuel efficient cars.

There were two major reasons for this healthy increase, with higher gas prices certainly being one of them. The other is that there are more and more hybrid and electric choices available to the consumer, and Americans are now starting to find hybrids and electrics that fit their needs. For example, Prius sales jumped 35% from February, thanks to sales of the larger Prius v and the brand new smaller (and less expensive) Prius c.

Plug-in electrics also did well, with 2,290 Chevy Volts being sold in March, which is more than double the amount sold in Feb. Volt sales reduced inventory so much that GM is planning on restarting their Volt production line earlier than they expected. The brand new Toyota Prius PHV debuted in March, selling 911 vehicles.

HybridCars.com has all the details if you want to check out their March 2012 Dashboard

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