Hybrid news from the Detroit North American Auto Show

Lots of hybrid news out today from the North American Auto Show.  GM says that they will deliver a plug-in hybrid by 2010. Not to be outdone, Toyota also says that they will deliver a fleet of plug-in hybrids to commercial customers by 2010. Toyota also says that they will be introducing two new hybrids at next years show. Honda plans three new hybrids by 2011. Nissan is promising a hybrid using its own technology by 2010. Fisker Automotive announced the Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid (pictured below) for $80,000 that should be here in 2009, and BYD Auto is showing off the F6DM plug-in hybrid that they plan to start sellng in China later this year. And we already told you about the AFS Trinity. Whew!

Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid

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