Hybrid news – Honda Insight goes on sale this week, while the Ford Fusion Hybrid may not quite be living up to its EPA mpg numbers

If you’re interested in buying a hybrid, Honda’s Insight will hit the showrooms starting this Tuesday.    The LX base model price is $19,800 (with an additional $670 for freight charges), while the option loaded EX model lists for $21,300.     The Insight’s EPA mpg is 40/city, 43 highway.     Honda is trying to position the Insight as a “Prius killer”, and it looks like they’re having some success.   In the first 3 weeks of the Insight’s availability in Japan, sales reached 18,000 which topped the Prius’s current sales.   The Insight’s sales knocked the Prius out of February’s top ten.     There’s rumors that Toyota will be fighting back soon with a cut to the Prius sticker price.

In other hybrid news, reviews on the soon to be available Ford Fusion hybrid continue to come in.   Almost all have been very favorable, rating the Fusion very high on the driving experience.   The only question about the Fusion seems to be that some drivers are not quite getting the EPA rated mileage of 41 mpg city / 36 highway.   For example, AllCarsElectric only achieved 33 mpg combined city/highway during their tests, but as they noted, they conducted their tests during the dead of winter, when the heater was going full blast.     Running the heater siphons some power from the batteries, which would cause the Fusion to rely a bit more on the gasoline engine for power.    On the other hand, the Boston Globe had some drivers break the 50 mpg mark on drives around Boston.

And if you’re looking to maybe some neat stuff, you can follow along with CrunchGear as they drive their new Ford Fusion Hybrid across America over the next 10 days (they started yesterday on 3/20)

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